Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Nama: Malarvilli
Email: MalarvilliManiam@gmail.com
Website: http://1ads.my/
Tajuk: summited url links
Iklan: 1Ads.my is towards a leading business directory and advertisement portal based in Malaysia. 1Ads.my helps business decision makers quickly find what they need to manage and grow their businesses, and enables advertisers to reach their audience wherever they are from.1Ads.my provides promotion space for you to promote your business professionally and your business is categorized automatically based on its category. This features is to ease you to reach your targeted customer, increase your contacts, widen your networks and promote your business.

In business directory you can advertise your business by category, iXpert Global Group Sdn Bhd has make it personalize to a business needs by providing business directory portal for you and makes your business more targeted and will not mixed up your business with your personal blog. The advertisement page content is given unlimited. Say you are property agent, you can list down and attach your property pictures in one advertisement with unlimited number of pictures.
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