Thursday, February 28, 2013

WORLDPRELAUNCH - Launching 18th March 2013

Nama: Zailah Zakaria
Email: zaianua@ymail.com
Website: http://www.worldprelaunch.com/zie51
Tajuk: WORLDPRELAUNCH - Launching 18th March 2013
Iklan: Share Your World Prelaunch Website with the World

We are now in World Prelaunch and you have the unique opportunity of registering FREE of charge.

Timing is crucial, being in at Prelaunch in YOUR country is so important… JOIN TODAY.

After viewing the video on our homepage, simply click on the "Join button" and input your basic information. The process is completely FREE.

We will give you a FREE World Prelaunch website allowing you to market this World Prelaunch to anyone around the world. Anyone that registers FREE via your website will be counted as your personal sponsored person.

Once you take up the official opportunity we will give you all the people that have joined the World Prelaunch via YOUR website and we will offer you a "personal account manager" to help you place people into the business in correct order to maximize your income.

How to get started?

1. Register FREE by clicking the Join button.

2. Go to your email inbox and click the link to make your World Prelaunch website "Live".

Join now:- http://www.worldprelaunch.com/zie51
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